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Welcome to Proven Promotions, your branded merchandise partner located in sunny Orange County, California. Our dedication to nurturing strong, ongoing relationships with our clients sets us apart, making us more than just a vendor. It is our job to know what is popular, what is quality, what will be delivered on time…simply put, what will work for you and your brand.

We cut through the BS. No more endless catalog searching or banging your head against a wall in frustration. We streamline your branded merch operations and experience, ensuring your merch is so perfectly aligned with your brand, it helps shape the brand you envision, and not just be a product with your logo on it that begs to be thrown away. 

We get it! You have options when it comes to branded merch. Let’s talk, let’s plan, let us show you the true power of branded merchandise. We are Proven to value Your Time, Your Brand and Our Relationship while we develop some kick ass branded merchandise.

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